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February 2004, Volume 7, No. 3
Updated: March 5, 2004
A quick description of this month's top stories
Tagging incident

    Color and taste take the Golden Test Tube
    This year's Golden Test Tube winners for sixth, seventh and eighth grade were eighth graders Emily W. and Carina M., with their project titled "Does Color Affect Taste?"

    Eighth grade boys hang tough
    The eighth grade boys' basketball team had a respectable season. They finished second in their conference with a record of 6 and 3.

News for February, 2004

Color and taste take the Golden Test Tube
Peacock joins local weather forecasters
Peacock to perform Annie for spring musical
Peacock morning announcements now live on television
Sixth graders enjoy baby parenting project
Mr. Scaletta makes school fun for new student
Students recreate the immigrants' experience

Op-Ed for February, 2004
Fast food or fat food?
Peacock's picks for best picture 2003

Features for February, 2004
Sixth grade swimming sensation sports high hopes
Full Tilt is a twisted ride
Character Counts
Composing career inspires band director
Center Spread
-- What would you do?
-- How to cope with depression
-- Ordinary problems for ordinary students

Entertainment for February, 2004
Lord of the Rings
American Idol 3
School of Rock freebie
True Crime: Streets of L.A.
Radio is awesome for all ages
Home Run Inn is a big hit
Saves The Day
Be My Valentine

Sports for February, 2004
Eighth grade boys hang tough despite Westfield
The Bulls haven't gotten any lucky bounces
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