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Top story briefs
May 2004, Volume 7, No. 5
Updated: June 4, 2004
A quick description of this month's top stories
Tagging incident

    Annie was a hit with cast, crew and audience
    Late winter this year, Peacock started its annual acting activity. Students staged a musical based on the famous Annie. The only difference was that it was a smaller version.

    Family's home struck by lightening
    Over the past few days, the weather in Chicago has taken a turn for the worse. On May 20, 2004, a bad storm caused a lot of trouble. There was pouring rain, which soon turned to hail. The lightning also caused damage in our own Itasca.

News for May, 2004

Eighth graders anticipate graduation
Community service comes down to the wire
Looking forward to Lake Park
Character Counts
Annie was a hit with cast, crew and audience
Family's home struck by lightening
Jazz Band triumphs
Students study at Fermilab

Op-Ed for May, 2004
Enough is enough!
Peacock needs longer passing periods
Advisor thanks students and staff for another great year
Student Council presidential elections
Eighth Grade Survey Results

Features for May, 2004
Class of 2004
NEDSRA does great things
My visit to the Coroner's office
Eragon thrills
Sabriel is magical and exciting

Entertainment for May, 2004
Van Helsing offers the classic tale of good v. evil
NBA Ballers
New York Minute suprisingly good comedy

Sports for May, 2004
Track season passed quickly and finished ok
Girls enjoy competitive Itasca park district soccer
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