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Top story briefs
October 2003, Volume 7, No. 1
Updated: October 13, 2003
A quick description of this month's top stories
Tagging incident

    Peacock vandalized twice over summer
    Over the summer, you may have heard about the major construction happening at Peacock. With all the activity, it was hard to keep everything under control. There where two tagging incidents. 'Tagging' is the slang term of something being damaged by spray painting.

    Charger girls win conference championship
    The Peacock girls' cross country team has performed well this year, winning the conference championship.

News for October, 2003

More spirit days top council agenda
Peacock vandalized twice over summer
Principal has high expectations
One million pop tabs collected for charity
Peacock students visit Springfield
Octoberfest at Peacock only a week away
Starbucks Coffee in Itasca opens on time
Sixth graders perform community service
Sixth graders do not miss Franzen

Op-Ed for October, 2003
A new criteria for the cafeteria
The pledge of allegiance
The Peacock Choir in uniforms?
Batter Up!
Enough with the writing

Features for October, 2003
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
The jury votes "Yes" for Trial by Journal
Character Counts - October 2003
New student feels at home
Paul Klee leads the way for the senior citizens luncheon
Sixth grade gymnast flips for fun

Entertainment for October, 2003
Canadian singer songwriter well worth a listen
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Now - When will they stop?
Tony Hawk Underground (THUG)
Soul Caliber II challenges
Freaky Friday is lots of fun

Sports for October, 2003
Charger girls win conference championship - Pep rally photos, Oct. 7, 2003
Itasca Storm play hard and hang tough
Lake Park girls swim team stays competitive
Cubs fever sweeps Peacock
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