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November 2004, Volume 8, Number 2
Updated: January 24, 2005
A quick description of this month's top stories
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    Seniors Sail the Grecian isles
    Every year Peacock hosts a Senior Citizen Luncheon. This year’s theme was Greece.

    Serve Your Community, Serve Yourself
    Community service is required at Peacock so that you can advance to the next grade. You might think that this is a good idea and you might not. Whatever your opinion is we all have to get it done.

News for November, 2004

Seniors Sail the Grecian Isles
New Home for Village and Police
Serve Your Community, Serve Yourself

Op-Ed for November, 2004
Merrily (?) We Roll Along, Roll Along

Features for November, 2004
The Night of the Mummy
Talking to Ms. Ahn, New FACS Teacher
The Zoo Debate

Entertainment for November, 2004
"New York Minute": Suprisingly Good Comedy
Voices Raised on New Movie
"Girl": All-Around Awesome!
Games Corner

Sports for November, 2004
Girls' Cross-Country Team
Girls' BB Bounces into View
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